Organic Rug Pads – Alternatives to Chemically Treated Rug Pads


Rug pads have become an essential piece inside homes as the years go by. This is because this item has been helpful to prevent accidents and injuries to people due to rugs. Slips and falls are top accidents that occur at home, where individuals who suffer from them sustain injuries of varying severity. Slipping can cause unpleasant bruises to dangerous contusions depending on the environment and manner of fall. This makes the humble and unassuming floor rug quite injurious. The solution is the application of a rug pad beneath the rug.

Organic Rug PadRug pads are a flat pad made of soft materials that are placed under rags for added protection. The rug pad forms as a sort of adhesive, which helps the rug stay in place, preventing slippage and accidents. The value of rug pads cannot be disregarded especially knowing that it can save lives, but another issue soon came up that made people think twice about using rug pads.

Low quality rug pads are known to be made of chemicals that may be harmful to the body. This has caused widespread alarm among parents who are worried about the health risks to their family and the overall safety of their home. Certain brands of rug pads have been shown to contain chemicals that caused cancer, infertility and harmed the development of children in utero. The negligent companies have been fortunately dealt with, but they left a gaping hole in the rug pad industry. Homeowners still needed a product that would ensure the safety of their rugs as well as their health. Enter the organic rug pads, the best alternatives to low quality, chemically treated pads.

Organic Non Slip Rug CushionRug Pad USA is the first company to have streamlined the production and distribution of organic rug pads, the safest options that homeowners can count on. Organic rug pads are not made of chemically treated foam. Instead, they make use of non-toxic materials that can still guarantee efficiency aside from safety — two characteristics that a rug pad should have.

Eco Cushion Organic Rug Pad

This organic rug pad is a green alternative that homeowners can choose. Mid to high end Oriental rugs are best protected by this type of organic rug pad. The Eco-Solid is basically made of non-slip organic polymer and plant oils, guaranteeing full protection for rugs and carpets. Eco-Solid is 1/8” thick, has fire retardants and is resistant to mold and mildew. Maintaining the Eco-Solid is easy; owners simply need to hand wash the item every now and then to ensure its performance.

Eco Solid Organic Rug Pad

Eco-Cushion is a thicker organic rug pad at 3/8”, guaranteeing not only improved protection but great comfort and feel beneath the feet. This rug pad is made out of non-slip organic polymer and soybean oils, making it one of the most eco-friendly solutions to stubborn rugs. Mid to high end rugs of all types are compatible with this type of organic rug pad, making it a flexible choice. Fire retardants and high resistance against mold and mildew protects the rug pad from degradation. Simple hand wash keeps it in tip top shape.

Eco-Solid and Eco-Cushion are the leading organic rug pads in the market today. They can be used in hardwood, laminate, tile, marble and concrete floors, and can withstand all types of climates. Homeowners who are tired of unwanted floor staining and the continuous degradation of their rugs and floors due to low quality rug pads need not worry about the quality and performance of organic rug pads. Because they are free from any harmful chemicals, they are equally safe to be used for long stretches of time.


Making sure your pad doesn’t stick

So you’ve found a carpet which actually might go well with your space. Now you can ask the question “Do I want a rug pad, or is the carpet alright as is?” You may even believe that because the rug is already thick, you might not want a pad, but really a pad will help enhance the life span of your rug.

Sticky Rug PadsPrimarily, there are two kinds of pads you could get. One is a felt and rubber pad that is offered by companies like No-Muv rug pad for area rugs. The other is a 100% natural rubber pad that wont melt into your floor.  Both are great pads and are needed for keeping the care for your carpets.

In Addition, besides the slipping and wrinkling of carpets, when deciding on a pad, make certain to look at if it’s resistant to moisture. Then mould or mildew can grow within the pad, if you receive pad that soaks up moisture. Some pads also will include an antimicrobial protection to help prevent mould and mildew.

area_rug_pads_mainBesides from the fact that pads can supply more pillow when put under a rug, they could help lower accidents from occurring if the rug becomes wrinkled from rug, or slipping from hard wood floors.

Rubber Rug Pads – Felt Rug Pads


When decorating your home, one of  the top considerations that you should be concerned about is the protection and safety of your own family. If you are the kind of person who would be looking for a cozy and serene environment in your home, it would be wise to use hard wood floors that possess a nice shade of natural brown to help accentuate the ambiance. To improve the attractiveness and appeal of the hard wood floors, it would be a great idea to place a good number of rugs to cover up the wood; these rugs would then be placed in areas such as the corridor and the living room. To ensure the functional value and safety of these rugs it would be better to use rubber backed rugs. The rubber backed rug is highly recommended by most architects, interior designers and construction consultants, in conjunction with the rubber rug an interior designer would definitely recommend the use of rubber pads to prevent markings on the wooden floor. This is to prevent the degradation of the wood’s color. Using an 8 x 10 rug pad would also ensure that the rugs themselves would not slip or move when enough force is applied to them, to keep help the rug pads stay in place a powerful adhesive tape would be definitely helpful not just in safety but also increase the comfort of these specialized rugs.

The application of a rubber honeycomb pad would be best preferable, since a honeycomb pad would have a large amount of holes that would allow the floor to “breathe” by allowing the floor to breathe this means you are not placing maximum force on the wood therefore keeping the sheen of the wood intact. It is inevitable that the wood’s color would eventually be removed so it is advisable to move the rugs in different directions to ensure that the color of the wood stays even.

If you’re planning on redecorating your bathroom, the fastest way to do it would be to use bathroom rugs.  Of cours your not going to want to put an 8 x 10 rug pad and area rug in your bathroom, but for smaller rugs it looks quite nice. Look for rugs with unique designs or rugs that match or contrast the color of your bathroom, if you find just the right match or “mismatch” it could create a distinctive ambiance that would make people take notice of the colors in the bathroom, bright colors would be advisable since it would definitely contrast the dull colors that are usually present in bathrooms. Of course when putting a rug in the bathroom’s hallway, it would be highly recommended for you to place a rubber rug to ensure that the rug sticks to the floor. Of course in a bathroom it’s unavoidable that the place will get wet so putting a rubber rug would ensure the safety of you and your family. When redecorating your home, there are many factors that have to be considered, these factors range from the colors, semiotics and of course overall safety, to avoid being too hasty it would be better if the homeowner would research about interior designing, the internet is highly accessible while any form of literature on interior designing would definitely do. But for a much safer and accurate design it would be better for you to hire an interior designer or perhaps better to find a friend who is knowledgeable in the topic. If you do have a friend who is an interior designer, to avoid having to pay a high fee for a small redecoration it would be good to treat that friend to lunch and ask them small questions regarding designs although if you are going for a large scale redecoration just hire your friend.


Can you use a 100% Felt pad with a 8 x 10 rug pad?


thick felt rug pad

I’m often asked this question, if a 8 x 10 rug pad can be used in 100% felt. The short answer is yet. 100% felt is made for larger rugs. Rugs that area already pretty stable and less likely to move. They work excellent for keeping your rugs cushioned but do not provide any non slip backing that a normal rubber rug pad would provide. For this reason, anything less than an 8′ x 10′ rug pad should not be used at all with felt.

The best rug pads for hardwood floors are typically







Hardwoods and Rug Pads

There are many things to consider if you decide to install wood for your flooring. There are many types of wood to choose and the kind of maintenance that needs to be observe to make it last long.

One of the best protections for hardwood flooring is by using rug pads. There are also a variety of†rug pad for wood floors, which are made from different materials and have strength of its own to prevent damages on the floor.

Different rug pad styles:

Types of rug pads for hardwood include open weave non slip rug pads, recycled jute rug pads, jute and rubber rug pad and felt rug pads.
For open weave non slip rug pads, customers can choose what from what material it was made from. This type of rug pad can be made from PVC, nylon, polyester or rubber. It is known to prevent slips and marks on hardwood floors. It’s ideal to put under area rugs without the need to use an adhesive spray.
Recycled jute rug pads, on the other hand, are made from recycled materials. Jute is a natural vegetable fiber known for its firmness and strength. This type of rug pad is odorless, non-allergenic, mold and mildew resistant. The best kind of recycled jute rug pad weighs 40 pounds. It’s comfortable to sit on. However, it doesn’t prevent slipping so it’s advisable to put it under a rug that doesn’t slide.
One of the best types of rug pad for hardwood, according to manufacturers and customers alike, is the jute and rubber rug pad. The jute is known for its non-skid, non-slip function with a textured surface that holds the rug. It’s advisable to choose a jute and rubber rug pad where the rug is already sewn to the jute instead of using spraying the material for attachment.
Felt rug pads are also favored by customers because of its thickness that insulates the floor. This type of rug pads are placed in areas of the house that is colder. It also prevents sliding and slipping.
Protecting rug pad for wood floors
Before buying a rug pad, check the type of wood used for the flooring. It’s advisable to use a thicker rug pad for harder floorings. Rug pads insulate cold floors and feel comfortable when walking around or sitting on it. Here are some useful tips to make rug pads for hardwood floors maintain its quality and to last longer:

Before laying down your new rugs, make sure that your floors are cleaned. Mop and sweep off dusts to prevent scratches and dirt to accumulate and get trapped between the floor and rug.
Make sure that you purchased a rug pad for wood floors. There are a lot of types of rugs for different types of flooring. Buying a rug that’s not for wood floors can leave scratch marks on hard wood floorings.
Never store dirty rug pads. Have them washed according to the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain its quality and look.
Avoid placing rugs in areas where it can be directly exposed to the sun. Rugs that are exposed to heat and sunlight can fade the color of the rugs.
Have your rug pads regularly cleaned or replaced. Don’t wait for spills and dirt to stay on rugs for a long period. Molds, mildews and odors might build on your rugs that can damage it.

These are just some of the basic things you need to know about rug pads for wood floorings. Rugs are also an investment aside from the floors that you chose for your homes. Remember that a choosing the perfect rug will keep your floors happy.†


Rug Pad Types – Why an Area Rug Pad is Essential to your New Area Rug


Choosing the right rug pad for the type of flooring that you have is essential. Each type of rug pad is meant for use on a particular type of flooring and using the wrong type can harm your floor. Among the more popular types of rug pad are the following: recycled jute rug pads, jute and rubber rug pads, solid jute rug pads, rubber rug pads, nylon and polyester rug pads, PVC rug pads and organic rug pads.

Rug Padding

Recycled jute rug pads are, as the name suggests, made from recycled materials. The materials use for this type of rug pad is generally odorless, non-allergenic and is quite resistant against mold and mildew.  These rugs are made and classified by weight and the denser the pad, the better the quality. Recycled jute rug pads are ordinarily safe for all types of flooring, making them also the ideal rug pads for hardwood floors. However, be aware that while this type of rug pad can be quite comfy, they can also be quite slippery and can only be used under rugs that do not slide.

If you are looking for a type of rug pad that do not slide or skid, then jute and natural rubber rug pads would be ideal for you. The solid rubber bottom can grip the floor well, while its surface is generally textured which helps them stick to the rug. The materials used for this type of rug pad can either be synthetic or natural.

Open weave non-slip rug pads are one of the most popular and can be made from a variety of materials. Some of the materials often used for this type of rug pads include polyester, rubber, nylon and pvc.  These are specifically created to prevent skidding or slipping, but do be careful with the material you choose. Some can leave marks on your floor, especially those that are sprayed with adhesives.

Choose among these types wisely to make sure you won’t harm your flooring. Among floorings, hardwood and wood floor are definitely the hardest to choose for. Rug pads for hardwood floors can be quite tricky – chose the wrong one and you’ll end up damaging your floor in the process. To help you choose the perfect rug pad for wood floors, here are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind.

Avoid adhesives! There are rug pads sprayed with sticky adhesives to ensure they won’t move as well as carpet tapes made for the same purpose. However, do avoid them at all costs. There’s nothing worse for your beautiful hardwood or wood floors than these things as they tend to leave unwanted mark or even cause discoloration.

Leggett & Platt Rug Pads - Cush-N-Hold

In the same vein, do not choose synthetic rubber, foam back or plastic pads for your rug pads. These can be also harmful to your wood floors and also cause discoloration. Vinyl is the best material for wood floors although you can also use natural rubber ones. Do make sure that the rubber used is made of natural rubber and is placed as a single, solid layer. Some are actually just sprayed on latex and if you use this, it can also pose harm to your wood floors.

Try using jute rug pads for places where you don’t really need a non-skid rug pad. Jute rug pads for hardwood floors are the best since they won’t place any harm on your floor’s surface. The best jute rug pads for wood floor would be the 40 ounce type since it won’t shed easily and can protect your floor and prolong the life of your rug for a very long time.